just like for synco-force.org, on rajavelu.org (and on anything i create/own and operate), i don't collect any data, except for what google sites forces me to have turned on. i even turn off google analytics. the only tracker that i've seen my site use (according to brave browser) is "https://www.rajavelu.org/_/view/logImpressions?authuser=0". i believe that it just tells me how many times people - in a generalized sense (so not specific to any particular person) - visit my site, though I'm not totally sure as it's something that I can't get rid of when using google sites. either way, I don't use or look at or obsess over any of that stuff. in short, i do not want your data, i do not use your data, i do not sell your data, i literally do not do anything with it - i don't have a lawyer at this time, but i hope i'm pretty clear on the fact that when you're dealing with me your data is yours and private. keep it. pls.

as you can tell, given that the "privacy" page has more information than the "info" page about me, i care a lot about privacy and digital freedom/health. it's why i do not have a social media - that stuff is poison.

also, get brave browser. they literally block all ads and trackers - even the lone one my site is forced to have by google. here's the link (and no, this is not a paid promotion or anything like that, i just believe that privacy is a human right) :